At a Glance

PIQme is a data driven and blockchain enabled new generation mobile camera application here to revolutionise both the photo and beauty industries.

Built for iOS and Android devices, this user-friendly application uses cutting edge technologies and the science of beauty as an underlining driver in its photo and video processing.

Consequently photos captured with PIQme will consistently produce flattering selfies and videos that embrace each individual’s real beauty in its entirety and fullness. This will happen:-

  • In real time on the 1st click
  • At any angle of the face
  • Without the need for editing and….

Will be found as attractive while maintaining the natural identity.

But PIQme is even more…..

Social Dilemma

To evaluate our own beauty we compare ourselves to images in the media – which are hugely influenced by the beauty industry.

The problem is that these images are not real – they are re-manufactured to society’s beauty standard that is comparable to perfection.

But despite this fact, these images are still considered as a measure of beauty in society.      

It is what we consistently compare ourselves and want to look like.

Failing to conform to these unrealistic and unachievable standards has created a significant psychological problems for men and women around the world – in the form of extreme self-criticism, low self-esteem and confidence, depression and loss of identity.

It is also the cause to why most people of all sexes, ages and cultures across the globe feel they look unattractive – especially when they see themselves in photos.

This is the social dilemma that exists in society today and the insecurities that people live with on a daily basis.

Social Movement

PIQme is also a ‘Social Movement’ that unifies and empowers its community of users across the globe to:-

  • Challenge society’s unrealistic definition of beauty – a standard that has adversely effected so many people’s lives; and
  • Re-define the ‘Face of Beauty’ by creating a new realistic and achievable standard.

The people’s message of what true individualistic beauty means to them will be echoed to the beauty industry and the world to take notice.

With this we can finally have a ‘behavioural’ and ‘belief’ changes towards beauty in our culture - leaving society’s unachievable standard a thing of the past and make a positive impact on the world.

Finally then we can stop self-criticism and start to feel empowered and connected with our fellow human beings as we learn to identify and embrace our own natural beauty.

'Natural Beauty'
Sometimes the Imperfect is the Perfect

80% of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful, but do not see their own beauty
Dove: The Real Truth About Beauty’

Value Proposition

Quick and easy perfect pics on the 1st click
Gone are the days of taking countless photos and spending hours sorting, analysing or editing images in the hunt of the perfect selfie.

PIQme captures flattering selfies instantly and consistentantly with little variation in optimum results.

Creates high self-esteem
By consistently looking great in photos, users will feel more admired, desirable and good about themselves– creating a higher self-esteem and boosting confidence.

Identifies and captures the natural beauty
PIQme identifies what is uniquely and naturally beautiful in each and every user individually - and uses this data to capture the most flattering photo of the user – while maintaining their true identity.

Empowers to challenge definition of beauty
PIQme empowers its community of users to challenge the global definition of beauty and invest for a happier and fulfilling future for themselves and others in the world.

Creates certainty 
It is no doubt that we look different in every photo and so we lack certainty in our appearance. PIQme photos appear of the same standard every time with little variation. This helps us to reclaim our identity by having certainty in the way we look.

Peer group validation
Gone are the days for the need to compare ourselves to unrealistic images. With PIQme users can finally view and compare against images that are real and a true representative of the general population – and finally discover that their own beauty type is comparable to others.

Smart and evolving
The more photos are captured with PIQme, the more it evolves and learns – resulting in images and user experiences that just get better and better.

Users are rewarded with tokens credited to user personal digital wallet.

In-app purchases
Tokens can be used for in-app purchases and other services on the platform.

Competitive Advantage

Cutting edge technologies
Uses advanced technologies to deliver a seamless and high-quality user experience.

Blockchain enabled
The blockchain and Tokens form an integral part of the application.

Data driven
Uses big data and the science of beauty in digital photo processing - ensuring flattering selfies are captured on the first click time and again.

No editing 
There is no need to manually edit each image – saving time and reducing the risk of inconsistency poor editing. PIQme images remain recognisable and retain user true identity.

Automated and real-time
It all happens instantly and in real time (at pre-image capture). No delays or the need to first save on the camera roll.

Customised algorithms
Customises the parameters of the algorithms specific for each user and each individual image.

90 Degree in/out rotation
Flattering photos at any angle of the face - not only for frontal.

Any age, gender or ethnicity
It is built for people of all ages, genders and ethnicities.

It works for videos too!

Optical distortion 
Corrects optical distortion of the user’s face in the image.

Mirror mode
View photos in mirror or photo mode – in real time.

Patent pending
We secure our innovation and competitive edge.


Phi Technologies merges the science of beauty with cutting-edge technologies. As part of its solutions it harnesses the power of:-

  • Blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Neural networks
  • Big data
  • Facial reognition and tracking

PIQme’s unique technological features:-

  • Self-learning- statistically analyses Big Data to discover the set of rules that define a new realistic standard of beauty.
  • 3D image processing technology – uses 3D facial landmarks to mathematically measure head and face dimensions.
  • Intelligent - Measures attractiveness and converts to mathematical algorithms.
  • Evolving - Customise the parameters of its algorithms on an ongoing basis – resulting in images and user experiences that just get better and better.

The more PIQme is used, the more it evolves and learns.


Below are images of four subjects that have been captured using the PIQme MVP.

Although the results are already better compared to a standard camera, these should be reviewed as ‘proof of concept’ only and as validation of our current technological capabilities.

This is because of a number of reasons however the fundamental one is that a realistic beauty standard has not yet been defined due to the lack of a database – and so not applied to these images.

The integration of the rules that govern a re-defined beauty standard is the fundamental component that allows PIQme to capture flattering photos


Women’s Body Confidence Critical issue worldwide!

Latest research shows that low body confidence is a global issue
Dr Nancy Etcoff, - Professor Harvard Medical School

72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful

54% of women globally agree that they are their own worst beauty critic
when it comes to how they look

More than 70 per cent of women want the media to portray a more diverse range of
physical appearance, age, race, shape and size in advertising and marketing.

Dove Research: The Real Truth About Beauty