Our Products - Blockchain Value-Add Applications

The PIQme database and its core technology is very valuable asset that can be utilised in the development of other products.

Although PIQme is a flagship application and runs as a standalone product, planned for future development are 4 other mobile applications. This will be part of our growth strategy.

These family of blockchain value-add apps will solve their own pain points in the market and will also revolutionise their industries.

Our solutions for all products have clear purposes, strong value propositions – and unique competitive advantages.

PIQme - Perfect SelPHie on the 1st click

On the surface, it may be viewed that PIQme is just a camera that produces flattering photos – and yes it does consistently on the 1st click!

But if you take a step back, there is the bigger picture.

You will see that in addition to its a very unique and innovative approach to capturing photos, PIQme also aims to solve one of society’s modern social dilemma.

This is comparable to no other application on the market today.


PIQaDate - An Ideal Match Every Time

Dating apps have transformed the way we find love. In their recent survey, Odyssey found that 83% of millennials spend up to two hours a week on dating apps.

And how do people select a mate on most dating apps? The photo of course.  

PIQaDate is a data driven mobile dating application that removes the frustration of endless manual searches and swiping. Saving time and energy.

PIQaLook - Make-Up Customized For You

Many women don’t know how to apply makeup effectively – especially young women. They may apply too much, not enough – or even in the wrong places, resulting in an outcome that that may be considered as ‘unattractive’.

PIQaLook is a data driven cosmetic makeup application that customises the application of makeup –specific to each individual user.

PIQaModel - Be Discovered as a Model

Agencies like Ford and Elite vet over 100,000 aspiring models every year, only to sign up 10-15 new faces. This can be extremely costly and time-consuming.

PIQaModel is a data driven mobile application that helps cast new talent, quickly, at low cost and with accuracy. 

PIQaSurvey - Surveys quickly and effectively

Large companies spend huge amounts dollars on market research to ensure the success of their products and services. In 2015, the global market research industry was valued at US$44.5 billion.

PIQaSurvey is a platform that allows companies to conduct primary research surveys by quick, easy and cost-effectively means.