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The sad reality is that people of all sexes, ages and cultures feel they look unattractive - especially in photos. In fact studies show that only 4% of women across the globe consider themselves beautiful.

Wanting to be beautiful is human nature and is ingrained in us all. So when we see ourselves as unattractive in photos, we start to feel unworthy and disconnected from our fellow human beings.

So in early 2016, we set out on our journey to find a solution that would give millions of ‘selfie snappers’ around the world the emotional security and a sense of belonging they so desperately crave.

After over two years of research, development and patent applications, we are now well on our way to bringing PIQme to life.

At Phi Technologies every member of our team has a passion for excellence, commitment and the required skillsets. We are all proud to be involved in developing the technology that will make a positive impact in the world and to people’s daily lives.

Capturing the perfect selfie that makes us look and feel attractive with today’s generation mobile devices is challenging. So in the pursuit of the perfect shot we often take a countless amount of photos. In fact studies show that the average person snaps 26 photos before settling on ‘the one’. 

Even then women continue to spend hours editing their photos. But editing apps also have their own inherent problems.

Our mission at Phi Technologies is to build a new generation mobile camera that will revolutionise the photographic industry with its new approach in digital photo processing.

PIQm is a first of its kind application that captures flattering SelPHie’s on the 1st click time and again - no more taking countless photos and spending hours sorting, analysing or editing images in the hunt of the perfect selfie.

But PIQme is more than that.

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In the pursuit of beauty we constantly struggle to conform to society’s “beauty standards”.

The problem is that it is unrealistic and unattainable.

This constant pressure has created significant problems for men and women around the world – in the form of extreme self-criticism and low self-esteem and low-confidence.

These insecurities that people live with on a daily basis have resulted in many women and young girls to suffer from mental health problems such as depression.

Using the benefits blockchain technology offers, our vision at Phi Technologies is to:

  • Become world’s foremost leaders in understanding what “True Beauty” means to each and every one of us globally.
  • Re-define the ‘Face of Beauty’ and create a new realistic and achievable beauty standard for the benefit of the world.
  • Break down the cultural conditioning and liberate people from the need to follow society’s unrealistic beauty expectations and…

Ultimately solve this social dilemma that exists in society today.

PIQme is here to redefine the face of beauty

Dove Selfie- Redefining beauty one photo at a time

Beauty Standards

Body image dissatisfaction is becoming a problem for women. The pressure of having
clear skin and perfect facial structure, women spend hours editing photos.
Dr Vivienne Lewis - Clinical psychologist

Women are under many pressures to conform to beauty ideals. 
Social media is adding pressure to look a certain way.
Dr Susan Paxton - Dove Research

77 per cent of women blame “unrealistic standards” set by media
and advertising as one of the biggest problems.
Dove Research: The Real Truth About Beauty

We edit our photos to help bridge the gap between
how we see ourselves and society’s standard of beauty